Thailand Online Gambling Laws

Thailand Online Gambling Laws

Are you passionate about gambling?  Addicted to gambling in Thailand?  Your life is going to be hard for you in Thailand. Gambling in Thailand is entirely illegal. Thailand government has stringent laws governing gambling. Only a few forms of gambling are considered legal, and the government controls them.

The government supported lotteries and betting on horses at racetracks are only regarded as legal in the country. There are no casinos in Thailand, but gambling is found throughout the country is enormous. Different websites allow online gambling. Both betting and gambling are illegal in Thailand if caught by the police; the police can impose fine or send you to jail.

Gambling Laws

The primary law that is imposed by the government is gambling on the Gambling Act B.E.2478 which was established in the year 1935. There are different laws on other illegal games such as the Playing Cards Act, B.E 2486 passed in the year 1943, one of the oldest law for playing cards. Anti-money laundering Act, BE 2542 passed in the year 1999. The details about these laws are not so crucial to the gamblers. They need to remember one thing that if being caught by the police you will be imposed by any of the law which in simple terms states that gambling is illegal in Thailand. If the person is found in participating in gambling, he has to face the penalties.

The fine starts from 1000 baht and imprisonment of up to one year. Most of the gamblers are often released after paying the fine. The laws are so strict, and the gamblers have escaped with just a fine. The strictness of the law is usually meant for the foreigner and gamble den owners.  If you are traveling to Thailand as a tourist, do remember about the gambling and the strict laws enforced on gamblers. Sbobet is Thailand largest online betting service provider for gambling websites.

Card Limit: An individual cannot own more than 120 playing cards as per the law. If he needs more than 120 cards, he needs to first take permission from the Thai Government. The permit is not readily available, and only a few people make it get permission.  If the person has more than 120 playing cards and he is using it for a private purpose, if found by the police then he can be put behind bars.

Illegal to make cards: Selling or manufacturing playing cards is a crime unless the person has the permission from the Thai government. The person cannot break these laws, and if these laws are broken, then the person will be put behind bars or imposed fine.

The Thailand police very strictly implement these on the foreigners, gambling dens gambling agents and about bookies.  In the worst case the person can be imprisoned for a year in prison.


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