Tips for Players Who Plan to Play Hunt Showdown

Tips for Players Who Plan to Play Hunt Showdown

One of the best hunting games, hunt showdown has amazing audio-visual effects, impact, weapons, and a unique storyline. However, since the game is an early access game, you wouldn’t find too many helpful videos or blogs to guide you how to play the game. So, to fill that gap and for more information, here’s a list of tips that would help you play the game better.

Use a knife

It’s a natural choice for anyone who plays a shooting game to settle down for a nice gun rather than buying a more basic weapon, like a knife. However, a knife might come handy in various situations. This is why, look for a hunter that already has a knife or pick any hunter and buy a knife for a few dollars. Knife offers fast kills and is also a silent weapon. And as you begin playing, you wouldn’t have too many melee attacks. So, a knife would be more useful.

Look for wagons

Many players don’t pay much attention to wagons. However, wagons are spread across the entire place for some good reason. If you look at your map, you will find various wagons in different places. These wagons have ammunitions and health kits that you can restock so that you don’t run out of them when you’rein a sticky situation.

Be wise when choosing weapons

As you play the game, you’re supposed to choose a contract. While some of the contract monsters are weak against certain weapons, some might actually be difficult to kill with certain weapons. This is why as you choose your contract, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures. For instance, the Butcher is quite immune to a shotgun. If you choose a shotgun and try hunting the Butcher, you’re in for a loss.

The game is sound sensitive

One of the most realistic features of the game is that it’s quite sound sensitive. As you move around making much noise, you might be noticeable to other players and creatures. This is why while you play the game,actively listen to the noises you might be making. And certain times, when you hear other creatures, it might indicate other players around who could be making the noise.

You lose hunter and items when dead

If and when you die in the game, you lose the hunter and the items you bought with so much money. This sure might sound like a disaster, where you end up wasting so much of your money. This is whyyou should make it a priority to kill the zombies and be extra careful throughout the game. Since this is a PvEvP game, your first target should to kill the zombies rather than targeting other players.

These are some of the tips that can help you play the game better. If you want to play the game on the PC, you can install the Hunt Showdown download version too. Remember, the most dangerous thing out there is being attacked by a zombie. While you can attack other players as well, don’t miss out on zombies by any chance.


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