The REAL Football

The REAL Football

When it comes to sports, we find ourselves taking these “games” very seriously. We use our favorite teams as stand ins for ourselves, and so when our team beats our friend’s team, we beat our friend, in a sense. We compete through out favorite athletes in this way. Well, if you like football, I may have some bad news for you. Football as you know it isn’t football at all.

You heard me – read me?- right. Football is a misnomer, and the true claim to the throne is soccer. Most of the world plays the game we call soccer, but they call it football. What’s more, there’s more use of the feet in the rest of the world’s football than there is in futbol norteamericano (North American football). If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, then football, the real football, is the world’s favorite pastime. It’s immensely popular in Europe and South America, for instance, with the standouts being Britain and Brazil.

In fact, Britain has an entire subculture devoted to taking football (soccer) way to serious. Diehard football fans across the pond call themselves hooligans, and they put our couch burning to shame by getting into actual fistfights on the regular over the results of football games. It’s truly a sight to behold, so book a flight, a hotel, and a rental car with Hotwire and make your way over to Britain to catch a game of the one true football.

Why our sport that makes little use of the feet outside of being a means of conveyance uses the name of a more popular sport to which it is a far more accurate title is beyond me. But, whatever the reason, hopefully now you’ll hear the name “football” and remember that it’s a pretender to the throne and that we’re doing the real deal a disservice every time we utter the word soccer.


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