Ways to keep your skateboard bearings rolling fast

Ways to keep your skateboard bearings rolling fast

Many of been struggle with ways to skateboard bearings in best-rolling stage, and they must understand that this is achievable through proper cleaning and maintenance. There are elements which compose of wheels of the skateboard, these components allow spin and as time goes on all the bearing will begin to accumulate dust. All the dust slow down the function of the wheels and at times damage the bearings. So to avoid the skateboard from been damaged or not functioning well, regular oiling and clean up is very essential for the good condition of the wheels and quick-rolling plus swimmingly.

The method use in cleanup and oiling of the bearing are different because skateboard is in different types. Some bearings are not meant to be opened for any form of oiling or cleaning because they are seal already. The removable shield is made with rubber and metal which created different techniques in the cleanup and oiling of the skateboard bearing.

Oil of the Bearings

The first thing to do when trying to oil the bearings is that the skateboard wheels are removed from the truck and the axle’ house and the wheels must be held to the skateboard. The hex nuts are taking away from the end of the axle and pop out the wheels.

Get The Bearings Remove From The Wheels.

Use a little flat-head screwdriver tool to carefully remove the bearings out of the wheels. 

Two bearings are seeing in every wheel all the eight bearings must be taken away.

Get The Shield Remove From The Bearings.

The shields are been controlled in place with a skinny c-ring in some of the bearings. So If bearings with c-rings, must be pried out together with screwdriver tool. Pop the shield out by gently thrust it from the opposite facet of the bearing with a pin. Watch out to not harm the shields.

Let The Bearing Be Soak.

All the eight bearings should be position further as the c-rings and shields, during a bowl with either a solvent, like acetone, or a perishable detergent. Use enough solvent or detergent to utterly cowl the bearings, enable the bearings to soak till they’re clean.

Allowing The Bearings to To Get dry. 

Once the bearings are clean, take away them from the solvent and place them on a towel to dry utterly. If used detergent is used, rinse the bearings totally with water, then set them out to dry.


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