A Beginner’s Guide to Winning Escape Room Games

A Beginner’s Guide to Winning Escape Room Games

If you want to try a fun and exciting physical game, you should consider an escape room or puzzle room. It is a relatively new adventure game, which necessitates players to solve riddles and puzzles using the hints and clues provided. In this game, the participants are locked inside a themed puzzle room and must figure out a way to escape before the time is over.

Anyone can participate but for kids under 12, an adult should accompany them. Escape rooms rhodes are famous for families, group of friends and coworkers. Most adventures are offered for groups of 2 to 8. For larger groups, you should talk to the personnel and see what they can arrange. Collaboration is important to win the game. If the puzzles are too hard for the team, you can always request a hint from the game masters.

If you do not have a large group, you will be teamed up with strangers. It can be difficult to collaborate with strangers but you have to do your best to escape. Here’s a guide to winning escape room games even with strangers:

Communication is the key to survival

If you want to survive and apparently escape, it is crucial that you communicate with your teammates. Talking to people you are comfortable with is easy but if you are teamed up with strangers, it can be difficult. There will be awkward silence at first but if all teammates understand that they have to work together to achieve a goal, which is to escape, everyone will start talking. If no one is starting to talk, you should initiate it to build a good rapport and finish the game.

Listening to everyone is crucial

Now that you are talking, listening is another thing. As a team player, you have to listen to the ideas of other players because you all have the same goal and that is to escape as quickly as you can. All ideas matter that is why listening is crucial.

Asking for help when you need it is wise

A good teammate asks for help when he/she needs it. It is wiser to ask for help sooner than spend half an hour figuring things. Remember that everyone thinks differently and having a fresh pair of eyes can facilitate easy solving of puzzles and riddles.

Consider brainstorming as a group

Do not underestimate other players. Remember that everyone offers different things. You should consider brainstorming as a group and come up with a solution together to succeed. After all, more heads are better than one.

Participate because there is always something to do

The good thing about escape rooms is that there are many things that you can do. It is not productive to just stand there and wait for other people to solve the puzzles and riddles. Being apathetic to the things happening around you can affect the mentality of the team.

Remember to have fun

Winning is important but not to the point of not having fun. Games are meant to be fun. So what if you lose? You will have plenty of opportunities in the future to try it again.


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