Better Opportunities For The Perfect Gold Driver

Better Opportunities For The Perfect Gold Driver

We do not have twice the opportunity to make a good first impression. If this proverb is true throughout our life, it is even more so for a child. To give him every chance to discover his new passion on golf courses, it is important for the little golfer to hit his first ball with the right equipment.

The choice of an ideal golf kit for children must be made according to 4 criteria: the size of the budding player, the ease of play, the lightness and the grip.

The Size Of The Child

How to choose a child’s golf kit?

In order to have equipment adapted to its size, with a shortened shaft for more maneuverability, chooses the kit according to the size of the child.

  • Yellow for a child whose size is less than 110 cm (about 2 – 4 years)
  • The green for a child between 110 and 125 cm (about 5 – 7 years old)
  • red for a child between 125 and 140 cm (about 8 – 10 years old)
  • blue for a child the size is between 140 and 155 cm (about 11 – 13 years old)

Finally choose a kit adapted to the dexterity of your child, right-handed or left-handed

The Ease Of Play

If children learn much more quickly and naturally the relaxation required for a golf swing than adults, they are no less beginners to discover their body and its prowess. What’s more motivating and fascinating than taking off a ball several tens of meters from the first strikes?

To facilitate their play, the kids’ drivers must have a driver head with an extra-wide face and outsole for maximum forgiveness.The shaft (driver handle) must also be shortened to allow better maneuverability in the space. With the right Golf Drivers the deals come perfect now.

The Lightness

A child can quickly run out physically and repeat swings, driver in hand. To allow maximum comfort and ease, nothing likes a lightweight driver.In addition to easy handling, the lightness will feel when wearing the shoulder bag on the course and slow down the onset of fatigue. Because a good grip is the first step of a successful swing, it is important to choose a comfortable grip and reduce vibration when beating.

The ideal is therefore a grip adapted to the size of the child with markings allowing a good position of the hands instinctively, thus facilitating the learning of this basic gesture of golf.

The equipment on the golf course must be designed to put the player at ease, not to weigh too much to be easily dragged to the eighteenth hole. But the aesthetic concern is not taboo: golf, after all, is also a sport of elegance.

Clubs, assets and tools

Getting the right drivers is the first thing you need when you’re out.


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